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A big addition to the classic RPG Game Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Acting as a feature jet between Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II. We stand up to fight the crusade led by the mysterious Shining Lady (alleged another baby Bhaala), embarking on an adventure lasting about 10 000 years. 25 hours. Studio Overhaul Games has prepared new locations, four teammates, a class of a saman character and other attractions.

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The official attachment to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition posted in 2012 a refreshed version of the popular RPG game. The extension was planned by the Overhaul group studio Games (beamdog development site). It also has a kind of narrative bridge between the first half of the Baldur's Gate series. In a different action, we face a sinister crusade, done through a warrior called the Shining Lady. What exists as if any of the little ones of the god of the murder of Bhaala (just when the hero inflicted by us).

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Among the novelties sold by Siege of Dragonspear highlight ing it comes primarily to every four completely different friends that are important to give to the group. In art there is also a previously unknown class eanate and healthy locations, tasks, objects, spells, etc. Technically, it does not leave the original three years earlier. The event can be conducted by a figure imported from strategic art, and after carrying out the adventure. We get the opportunity to transfer it to Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

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