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In the play Before We Leave download the action we watch from the bird's run. During a game that is poured into relatively small planets covered with a hexagone net. You take on the construction of even highly developed forms, crops the economy and the acquisition of raw materials. Also an important function here is to do research on further techniques and release civilization prey from a previous era. Thanks to them, because we gain the opportunity to finance the colony at our own globes, and also the energy for interplanetary transport of raw materials.

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Playing the same from stage to stage we need to create a variety of problems; the effects of the cosmic catastrophe that has in history pushed our tradition towards the end of extinction. They can always put themselves in motion, and large whales growing all over the earth also have a threat to known types. Before We Leave game begins us on a trip to the planetary system destroyed by the great cataclysm. His subjects were forced to hide beneath the surface, after years of being removed in the underworld, they began to go out to face the topics they were waiting for and start regaining their past being.

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