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Check out Cities XXL full version and start your gameplay today. The general assumptions of attractions did not turn: during the ceremony we take to the mayor of a virtual city. What order is to take care of the progress and the consistent operation of the metropolis, download Cities XXL full version for free. A full-fledged continuation of the popular economic form Cities XL.

Which originally presented itself in 2009 also in new years has also received two improved editions. The title was presented by the French company Focus Home Interactive. That got straight into the company after the collapse of its original publisher, Monte Cristo. Introducing cities XXL Spolszczenie for you. The polonizing was written by Team Polszczenia4You. for free it is intended for use by ordinary players. Big cities, many alternatives and topics with game action. This is how Cities XL is doing with one flood, valiantly facing a small fight in a kind of good method of "builders". Half among the last version, the creators have always left about everything progress.

Cities XXL full version download

This remodeling of the interface was predicted, after all, the latter invariably constitutes a terrible one. Representatives of the torrent of thriving metropolis immediately introduce the presentation of new items, although their saturation is not a proven challenge. The crux of entertainment is not to do a properly walking city, but to write a colorful diorama. Impressive – we can even choose shades of buildings – and then synthetic while free occurrence. Such treatment is obviously not bad. The situation is hampered, but the fact that the builders planned to make an object extremely proud, but they did not succeed.

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The general assumptions of attractions did not turn: during the ceremony we take to the mayor of a virtual city. What is the order to ensure the progress and the functioning of the metropolis. Building new apartment blocks, economic and physical and public utility. We must constantly seek the style of satisfaction of the inhabitants, and also the city budget, often powered by taxes. The next version of Cities XXL for free series introduces a whole host of modern houses and improves the range of center management capabilities. Thanks to the next engine, the gameplay moves to a much stronger force, and from the attraction disappeared restrictions on the scope and diversity of the metropolis. There are too many roads that are just being drawn up in the qualifiers: four rooms of residents. The market has a lot of ways of building surfaces and too conveced the course of their selection. Developers undoubtedly couldn't decide: game or joy?

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