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For Free.You had an amazing dedication from the player to even try to maintain control over thugs. Builders, tenants and opposition, while everything around it collapsed and burned. This game was constructor HD download free, created and released. Which was one of the first games that successfully jumped from PC to console in the strategy games segment.

The goal of the game was simple. Building houses, acquiring tenants, competing with other players in building more and gaining control. While tenants are becoming increasingly unruly and complaining.

Of course, the players loved her and sipped everything from her like a milk cat. It is almost twenty years later. The game, although re-released a few years earlier, was definitely aged. The municipal news is that in April 2016 it will return again – in a completely new version, bearing the title "Constructor HD download for free". The premise of the game will be exactly the same, although it will take full advantage of the latest technology. When it comes to developing computer games (and console games).

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It will contain the same caricatures of London stereotypes, it will have the same. Cool animations and unusual solutions for the problems it poses. Thugs will still be able to take over the building or intentionally upset the tenants constructor HD for free. And mechanics can repair or cause any problems that home residents will face. They will mills and cement plants ready to provide us with materials to build a real empire. Are you intrigued by this game? Soon download it and the full version from the site for free.

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