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The land of Auriga years ago was affected by a tragic disaster. Although it has been many years since this incident, residents fear that this may happen again, as this winter is very severe. Become the ruler of the city, take care of the population and develop a small village into a real economic power. Download the game completely free in the PL version on PC. Torrent available on the site for free. The basic thing that Endless Legend adhers to is the robot of the world. The game evidently attached exists in the fantasy world, with bows, swords and various monsters.

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How to download Endless Legend does not accept such imbalances. Together, it controls the atmosphere of the fantasy world, where magic is when exceptionally present. The magic of artists of this world, the Endless, which neither his people nor us, we know how to possess. Plus present there is cool.

Endless Legend For Free

Which in the deep past he has visited a powerful cataclysm, leading to the ruins of then-living civilizations. Endless Legend for free in the face of events that can think of the next apocalypse. We take command of a small team to take turns it into the state. It is your friends' goals to take care of the settlement, strive for the role and progress of the technique. Still conducting political and military proceedings in court to neighboring nations. Endless Legend DOWNLOAD It is still worth referring to the fact that we have a lot of experience if Endless Legend For Free. The fight is carried out in a turn-based team and despite its technique, it gives great pressure on the method also to apply the surfaces of the terrain. The whole combines RPG elements, appearing in rich quests, and more opportunities to advance the science of the characters. In the transformation for the experience points achieved.

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