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The profit of the acting Pax Nova download pollution society and endless wars Earth even less is formed to be. Looking for another building, humanity decides to accept the call from the outskirts of space and go to the earth of Eos. These individuals interfere with an innovative era called Pax Nova. During the festivities in Pax Nova, we take care of more than fifteen factions in three categories. The game hopes to explore more planetary projects, face various threats (from people conflicting with us groups.

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By the great pirates, having done on monsters surviving in the space field. Both on long-term expansion. We can extend direct ideas not only to the method of conquest, but also diplomacy. The struggle also comes in the universe, when also on procedurally created, net-covered hexagons of globe scans. Of which all the biom, the locals, and other challenges and secrets of Pax Nova have, download the looking-to-find. The title provides in familiar hands various offers to change the data of the whole and ships and an increased technological tree.

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