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It's part of a legendary turn-based strategy cycle that allows you to direct a chosen civilization to zones of several thousand years of its growth. The studio Firaxis Games is traditionally responsible for creating the game, and the author of the series, Sid Meier, took over the patronage of the production. In terms of mechanics, Civilization VI combines proven solutions for the old parts of the cycle, but there are still some radical changes in the batch.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI for free
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The most important of these is the second technology of presenting cities that currently have much more than a belt and leave themselves from four types of districts: industrial, scientific, commercial and military. The technical development plan has been modified, in which an additional miniquest has been assigned to any invention, providing a good bonus. Significant changes have affected the way of diplomacy and combat technique, somewhat mitigating the restrictions contained in the fifth action of the series. The whole is complemented by traditionally extensive also in all customizable multiplayer mode.

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