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In a healthy level, he expands the role of diplomacy in combat. With the Stellaris Federations, they have a relationship in galactic senate meetings. In the course of his deliberations, the player can choose valuable laws for himself, when, for example, a commitment to public defence. Political influence can be bought, among other things, by helping the gentlemen of other countries. The development was expanded and the person of the organization in art. Belonging to the only one of them can provide the player with a lot of advantages.

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Diplomatic options can increase community cohesion and unlock bonuses for each Member State. The supplement also gives the genesis of empires. When you create a new Game Stellaris Federations, you can see which forms the community has stood in. It therefore moves to the starting conditions. The national decision was given to a number of other facilities, among which important to recognize a mobile star base called Moloch or those mega shipyards that allow the glass to be fleets.

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